Our Mission & Goal

To assist and ensure that all individuals receive the support they need to be actively and fully involved in the community. Airdrie Abilities Centre is committed to creating equal opportunities to support and demonstrate the strengths and abilities of people with special needs.

Raising Awareness

that all people have basic needs that must be met.

Accepting all people

for who they are and acknowledging that all people have unique abilities.

Supporting independent living

and teaching required daily living skills.

Assisting job searches

and supporting individuals with skills development for minimum wage employment.

Support Participation

and access to community-based opportunities, such as education, volunteering, and recreation.

Providing a Meeting Place

for those desiring to make a difference in our community.

Our Activities

Our Activities

Check out upcoming activities on our 'EVENTS' page. To see what we've already done, check out our Past Events & Activities page. Some of the activities that we do include:


Sewing Program

Bead Work

Card Making

Ceramic Painting

Wood Working

Personal Well Being with Exercise

Theatrical Performances

Education and Training


AAC (Society) In the Media.

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